but it really is so important to find people who don’t lose patience with you or get angry if you’re being irrational or insecure or downright ridiculous, it is so so necessary to be treated with gentleness from loved ones and not to be made to feel like you’re irritating or a burden


Please don’t send “follow back” messages that’s awkward as hell bc I gotta act like I didn’t see it and you know I did


my friend did a psychology class in high school and came to my house and diagnosed my cat with depression 

Title: The Way You Make Me Feel
Artist: Justin Bieber
Played: 4396 times


Woman speaks out against misogynistic abuse and is met with misogynistic abuse from men who believe misogynistic abuse doesn’t exist and that she should stop making them look bad.

“everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back”

— (via kxthleen)


where is justin bieber i want to kiss him